Sunday, February 20, 2011

Take a seat...

It's going to be a week of crafty posts from around the house!

For this first project, I've incorporated many of my favorite things :: fixing up something old, using materials from around the house, and doing something new!

The old ::
I rediscovered this stool in the "great barn clean out" of 2010. I fondly remembered sitting on it in my pop's shop when I was young, but like many odds and ends it founds its way to the barn and was quickly forgotten. As you can see, when it was un-earthed, the fancy green-sparkly vinyl cushion was a toast.

The materials ::
The only materials I really had to buy for this project were the tacks. Everything else came from around the house : the foam, wool felt (used as the fabric layer between the foam and the yellow fabric), and some fun yellow "dandelion" fabric from IKEA. I had so much fun with this fabric that you'll see it again later in the week.

The "new" ::

Learning to re-upholster! I've never re-upholstered something before, so it was fun to dive in to this basic project.

And now, this stool resides in an un-used corner of the living room. Adding a bit of color and an extra seat when we have a full house!

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Anonymous said...

great redo!!!! That looks like a great design to put on stretchers for wall art!