Friday, March 02, 2012

Master Procrastinator

Oh boy, procrastination has taken over my life. I don't respond to emails. I don't pack until the night before a big journey. Grading papers? I'm scrambling to enter the grades into my grade book just moments before class is about to start. It's gotten so bad that it's even attacked the blog! I've had posts that I've been writing in my head all week, but they never made their way onto the computer.

Not anymore, C and I have decided that we need some spring break resolutions. Mine? 1. stop biting my nails {for the 100th time}. If I've stopped before, why did it start again? Because I get nervous when I procrastinate and am hitting deadlines left and right. Oh the vicious cycle. 2. stop procrastinating, this should probably be number 1, but a resolution about procrastinating should always come last... of course, they aren't going to start until we get back. Procrastinate much?

And now I'm off To Thailand to shop and eat and hang out with Sarah! If you haven't been keeping up with her adventures, you should. I'm sitting here in the airport with my liquids and gels in a baggy, a new book, some emergency Cliff bars, and my mom's fantastic quinoa salad. Can't wait to share our adventure as it unfolds this week.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Pea,
Tom and I are free right now and were wondering when we could come for a day visit and teach you how to roast coffee. But being that you are out of the country I suppose makes that moot. Let me know when you are back. Have a wondrous time and kiss the other Pea for me.