Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thailand ~ Teacher Sarah

Before I left for Thailand, I was excited to visit Sarah and to see the new country and culture, but I didn't think about how much fun it would be to get a behind-the-scenes look at Teacher Sarah's everyday life in Thailand. Since it was her last week of school, I got to see how she spends a typical day, which you'll see mostly revolves around teaching and eating. Back in her apartment, it was fun to see the differences in the every-day objects that she uses there. So for today, I'm giving you a little behind the scenes look at Teacher Sarah's life in Thailand.

She's a pro in the classroom::

But before her day begins, she stops at this corner stand to pick up a couple of steamed black bean buns for breakfast::

Which she takes back to school and eats in the teachers' lounge::

And when she has someone to share with, she picks up a Thai iced coffee {although, last week we discovered that the iced green tea was even tastier}::

For lunch she has a favorite "rice lady" that serves up delicious fried rice with veggies and a fried egg on top. Sarah prefers hers with a squeeze of lime juice::

Other days she'll stop in to one of her favorite "veg" places for a combo platter of vegetarian dishes::

She has a silly little Thai broom::

And a crazy panda trash can!::

She gets uber excited when her favorite sushi stand is open::

She plays a mean game of hand clapping at the night market::

And finally, when her cab is lost in translation, she knows how to chill::

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