Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weekend Update

The weather? Amazing. We enjoyed it to the fullest this weekend.

We began by firing up the grill on Friday evening::

And then packed up the car and drove to Philly for C's back to back races on Saturday and Sunday. Here he is leading the peloton on Saturday::

And then joining his biggest fans for a little post-race picnic::

Sunday began with a group Skype-call to Sarah::

Followed by the calm, uneventful start of a second race::

That ended with a crash, boom, and bang {unfortunately someone's stocking doesn't lie}::

And while the bikers sat upfront to recap the weekend's events, I sat in the back and happily worked on my hexagons.:: I'll have to take a better picture soon to show you how this afghan has grown. It's large enough now that it acts as a true blanket while I'm working on it, making it the perfect project for air-conditioned trips in the car!

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