Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Update

This was our first weekend at home in three weeks, and I enjoyed every moment. Other than leaving the house to pick up supplies, we stayed in, cooked up a storm, did a bit of work, watched some movies, knit, ate, convinced the dog to sleep in late... good stuff.

 I worked on an experimental marmalade with these little guys. More details on the fruit and the marmalade soon::

Last week I felt like we were living in a food desert ~ every morning there was nothing quick and easy {& healthy} to grab for lunch, and every evening I was hoping that C had a better idea than me {oatmeal anyone?} for dinner. I decided to remedy that for the week ahead and took a bunch of macro photos as evidence.

 This jar of split peas turned into soup:: The soup was so simple. Sweat two sliced leeks and two sliced carrots in olive oil. Add your split peas and the appropriate amount of vegetable broth. Simmer on low for an hour or two, mixing every once in a while to help your peas turn into a mushy goodness.

 This cauliflower was roasted with some garlic and then blended with white beans for a tasty dip:: The recipe came in an issue of Everyday Food, but it can also be found here. The dip is a nice alternative to hummus. I ate it with pretzels and slices of bell pepper. BUT before the cauliflower became dip, I nibbled on the roasted bits and discovered my new favorite way to eat that veg.

 A whole pile of lima beans, some cucumbers, bell pepper, and a handful of mint became a salad:: I topped it with a vinaigrette made of brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, mustard, and olive oil. During the week, I'll eat it as a side at dinner, and add it to greens to make salads for lunch.

 Outside, the pansies we planted last fall are re-blooming in their hanging basket::

And a branch we cut off the cherry tree that was hanging a bit too low, giving me plenty of blossoms for a jar on the porch::

And finally, when the sun went down today I was back inside working on a new piece of art for the bedroom. As soon as we fold the clothes in there and put away the coffee pot {if only I were kidding}, I'll show you the final piece::

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