Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthday Bracelets

Last week was my birthday. We skipped the cake and opted for root beer floats {it's more fun when you don't have to see the number of candles on the cake!}. I couldn't be luckier ~ the gifts spanned my full range of interests from running and canning to entertaining and jewelry making.

Sarah gifted me all of the supplies we needed to make a few of these bracelets. We made them together as we continued to work our way through the Potter series {this is before/after watching the Tour ~ in the spirit of summer vacation, we're indulging}.
It took us a false start or two to get the hang of braiding around a chain, but once we hit our stride these were so easy to make! You could say it's a more dramatic, grown-up friendship bracelet. Perfect for a birthday girl firmly planted in her thirties.

I'll be sure to wear mine this Friday when C takes us out for some birthday sushi.

Ps ~ a gift I never expected to be so excited about? A hand sander! Look out for some furniture redo projects.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet Pea,
Happy happy B-day............late.
Anyway, how did you introduce your fish to the water container? Mine are not happy in their little tank. So as soon as the weather is cooler I'd like to add them. Any special way to do it? I know how to add them to a fish tank, but the container water is a different matter, right?