Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Update

The rains came! After weeks of hot, dry weather, we relished the rain that fell at the end of last week. Knowing that our favorite hiking trails are empty when it rains, C and I took the pooch out for a quiet walk on Friday afternoon. It was a perfect ending to the week and start to our laid back weekend {The last week home that we'll have for about a month! We're gearing up for a few summer work and fun trips.}. Anywho, the walk surprised us with these huge fungi ::

We don't know what it is, any suggestions? We just know that it's large ~ for scale Calder's holding one that was already uprooted.

The water garden is now filled to the brim. The left photo below was taken Friday morning and the one on the right was taken on Saturday morning. It's just a good reminder to keep your water level a few inches below the brim so that it doesn't overflow {taking your little floating plants with it} when you get a heavy rain. This is more of an issue if you have your surface covered with duckweed or fairy moss ~ two tiny plants that will flow right over the brim of your pot.

Calder took Sarah and I out for some birthday sushi on Friday night. We dressed up, and then this happened...

And alas, the Tour is over for another year. By the last week of the race our interest had wained, particularly since there was very little competition for the win. I didn't finish my sweater; the body is knit, and the sleeves are underway. Between our continuing Potter marathon, and the upcoming flights, it may even be done in time for wearing on those cool beach evenings.

Happy Monday*

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