Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh boy, we had a circle-of-life type moment in the garden this week, waking up to this sad image in our bedroom window ::

That poor little hummingbird must have flown right into the screen and then couldn't get his long beak back out. It's particularly sad because I think that this guy was the more active bird at our feeder ~ always zooming by whenever we were out on the deck. We have another bird that visits the feeder {and the two of them would often fight, which is what probably led to the crash}, but the second bird doesn't come around quite as often.

On to prettier sights, we are flush with fresh flowers around here. I pulled out some of the short green vases that were made wedding last year {they're the bottom half of beer bottles}. These vases are the perfect size for a shot of flowers on a side table or desk ~ when you want some fresh flowers, but don't have a lot of room to spare.

The lilies were in full bloom last week and made it into a bouquet with some hydrangea and coneflowers. And as an alternative to the jars, vases, and beer bottles that we've been using to display flowers, we picked up a couple of these small clay vases with flower frogs glued into the bottom of them. The venders were all referring to them as ikebanas.

Happy Friday*

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kristin said...

you totally kept the bird so you'll have the skeleton at the end... right??