Monday, April 23, 2012

Fuse Finished!

It's time for a little show and tell. I started this sweater in February, and back then I told you about the interesting construction. Well, wearing the sweater is just as interesting, and I don't think I've quite figured it out yet. When all is said and done, I love it, I just can't stop fidgeting with it.

The hard part is figuring out how to button the two fronts together and have them drape nicely down the front. When I button the sweater, I end up with a puff of wool on my chest. On the one hand I love the large, funnel neck that's crated when I button it, but after a few minutes of wearing it like that the front of the sweater bunches up and is a bit frumpy. Looking back at the model wearing the sweater, I think that the sweater is smaller relative to her body than mine is to my body. So I have a few options: 1. keep playing with it and get it to work as is, 2. re-block it and try to stretch out the front pieces more, or 3. adjust where the buttons and button holes are to give me more room {although I haven't found an obvious adjustment for this}. In all honesty I'm too lazy to re-block or move the buttons, so I'll probably just leave well enough along and just do a lot of fiddling with it as is.

Other non-wooly bits:: I took these photos in our new favorite state forrest; C & C were out on the trails while I did a little photo shoot. It was raining throughout as the front end of this crazy, wintry snow storm hit our area. Today the snow is coming down and I'm just hoping the garden survives! On a positive note, I went out and picked a whole pile of the peonies that were blooming so that the snow-covered flowers wouldn't weigh down the plants.


Lynn said...

I love the color on you and the neck is a cool idea but I also hate it when you feel like you have to fiddle with a sweater to get it to sit right. Can it be worn open?

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie,
I believe I may know what the problem is with your sweater. You blocked it flat, right? Years ago I had a shrug that buttoned on the bias. I tried blocking it flat. Well, of course it ended up all twisted. I finally took it to a tailor, who put it on a mannequin, sized to my measurements, and cool steamed it. Voila, it draped beautifully. That may be your solution. I happen to have a dressmaker’s mannequin. If you want to wait until I can come visit, I could bring it along. Let me know.

Amaia said...

I love it!!