Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Heart Pillow Squared

It didn't take much to finish up the heart pillow. Just a half yard of cream corduroy that I used to back the coffee sack ~ I thought this would be useful for a couple of reasons: to provide a solid backing for the slightly loose weave of the coffee sack and by sewing the sack to the its backing, I was able to reinforce the edges so that the sack couldn't fray and come undone at the seams. I then used the corduroy to make an envelope back for the pillow.

So in the florescent light of the sewing room on Sunday night, I had a little pillow sandwich that looked something like this::

That's the corduroy backing for the front, the front of the pillow, and the two back panels.

... and look who's here to crash the party again!

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