Monday, February 18, 2013

It's freezing! Make socks!

It was time for a new pair of socks {it may be the only thing that helps me survive the rest of this bone-chilling winter we're experiencing!}, and it was definitely time to finish knitting this pair. I don't think I've mentioned them on the blog, but these were started well over a year ago, and I finally cast-off this weekend.

The grey yarn in this pair is leftover malabrigo sock yarn from my knee socks. The pink self-striping yarn is leftover from one of my first pairs of Jaywalkers that were finished around Valentine's day five years ago! I knit these until I was out of pink yarn, and I think I have just enough grey left to make a another pair of socks for the nugget.

I haven't found another pattern that I love more than Jaywalker for a pair of relatively plain, but not plain-plain socks. When I first put these two yarns together, I had a few false starts when I tried making up my own pattern playing with the colors, but finally, I had to admit that the socks I reach for more often than all others are the Jaywalkers in my drawer.

As with my other pairs, I knit these tow-up and used a short-row heel. The short-row heel is tighter and harder to put on than other options, but as a result, I can always count on these socks to stay up when I wearing heavy snow boots!

... and this is what happens when you spend too much time photographing your feet and not enough time playing with the pooch ::

ps ~ this post made me laugh today.

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