Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paperwhites ~

Keeping the mid-winter blues at bay in a home near you!... we don't necessarily have the blues so much as the hurry-up-and-get-here-spring angst. So paperwhites were planted, with the expectation that they would bloom in about a month, but they shot up like rockets, blooming just two weeks after they sprouted.

I put half of the bulbs in a large, high-sided, glass vase as so ::

The the second half of the bulbs were planted in jars and smaller vases for a little grouping on a side table ::

Growing these couldn't be easier. Just place the bulbs on some rocks or marbles with their root-side facing down. Keep water in the gravel, but not touching the bulbs to avoid mold, and watch them grow! While there's always a concern that these flowers can become a bit top-heavy and need support, you can see that I have a few falling over, but the majority are doing fine without the support.

Unfortunately, I think my success may have also been a curse. We ended up with huge, beautiful blooms in two corners of the living room producing their heavy, musky fragrance. When they first started to bloom, Calder was convinced that there was "plastic burning" somewhere in the house, and either their fragrance or their pollen is irritating Sarah's sinuses. How do I know? We came home after a weekend away to find all of the paperwhites closed-off in our bedroom! Alas, I may have to stick to less fragrant flowers next winter.

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