Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garden Update

This week we added some succulents and the water plants to the deck... It's never too early to start teaching little A about habitats {desert and water this week}.

The succulents were a spontaneous move ~ I wanted something that could handle a water stressed environment and BAM these were at the entrance to the grocery store. I've had flowers and basil in this planter in the past, but they were always wilting because it dries out so easily {I have the grass planter lined with plastic, but it still dries so fast}. I have joined the succulent craze.

And the water garden has been installed, tucked in behind our pots of nasturtiums and sweet potato vines, just like last year. I can't get over how well this combination flourishes in this corner of the deck.

In the water garden, I stuck with the water lettuce and fairy moss because they were so successful last year, and I added hornwort. It's an underwater oxygenating plant, which I'm hoping will help to create a more hospitable environment for the goldfish {I think they suffered last year from a lack of oxygen}.

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Lynn said...

Oh My! Everything is looking gorgeous! In a couple of weeks- free time will return and I'm going to get out to the garden-