Friday, June 28, 2013

Links! Philly Edition

First, some Friday music!

Artists : Lumineers
Song: Ho Hey

Now small selection of the new-to-us eateries in Philly::

I was introduced to the Lil' Pop Shop by a friend with kids. It's all popsicles, all the time, and the flavors are fantastic! I got a lemon, blueberry, buttermilk pop.

We had dinner at Tinto. The plates and hard cider left me wanting more, more, more... but I ended the dinner out on the sidewalk nursing and rocking a tired Alex.

We met up with Kris and Ryan for lunch at Panini's after our long walk through the city. This was one of those places where we ate before, but didn't realize it until we showed up again {both times it looked like a good choice when we were looking online, and it didn't disappoint!}.

Want some Greek food? Or a fresh fish made to order? Go to Zesty's!

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