Thursday, June 27, 2013

Walking Philly

Long summer weekends in Philly put a smile on my face.

This one was that much more special because Alex got to meet his grandpa Frank for the first time (Little A's bucket list: meet all four grandparents, check!). 

This weekend was also different than other Philly trips in that we walked almost everywhere! We walked the 20+ blocks from our hotel in center city to the sites in old city, meandering through city hall and a few parks along the way. 

City hall, designed by the grandpa of Calder's namesake::

Once we were in old city, Alex was hungry, so we sat down on a bench for a snack. After the snack, it was time for the Little A show ~ he smiles, and talks, and keeps us entertained with the stories of all he has seen and heard. I'm soaking this in, knowing that in only a few short years, I'll be lucky if he tells me anything about how his day went!

Then, while his pops and grandpops did some work, Alex and I took a stroll around West Philly, visiting our favorite campus along the way.

Before that walk, I set up shop in the van and did a touch of work from the best mobile office a working mom could have! I was working, but I was also sitting there thinking about how amazing technology is that we can work online (without a line!) from almost anywhere.

Of course, all of that walking was fueled by long naps in the park, espressos at our favorite joint, and plenty of meals outside... And Chia Sarah will appreciate that both Alex and I were pooped on by the birds! 

I don't know if he could fully appreciate it, but Alex saw his first firetruck, and construction site!

And that, that was our weekend of walking around the city. 

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kristin said...

It was so great to see you guys, your family is so beautiful! Can't wait to hold that wiggly love muffin again.