Friday, June 14, 2013


This bachelorette party looks perfect to me : staying in the backyard and drinking a variety of cocktails {cocktail moment anyone?}... I might have to plan an end-of-summer cocktail party for the back yard!

~ At the party we'll serve these popsicles!

~ I love the homes featured on this blog.

~ I bought one of these custom address stamps, and it's just perfect!

~ I like Molly Wizenberg's writing. Nikki bought me her book, A Homemade Life, a couple of Christmases ago, and I read right through it {perhaps it helps that Molly is just as much of a Bruce fan as I am}. You can get a sample of her writing and recipes on her blog, Orangette. The other day she wrote about introducing foods to her young daughter :

"I’ve read many different takes on the subject of feeding young children, and so far, what seems to work best for our family is to not worry too much about it. I hope we can sustain that feeling. We’ll try to make food that is reasonably good for us, and to create moments to sit down and eat that food as a family, and I trust that June’s body will know what it needs and when it needs it."

I love it when I come across words that explain something I would have stumbled over trying to say. This is how C and I have treated everything with little Alex so far. No specific schedules or rules, just letting biology lead the way and trying "not to worry too much about it" : he lets us know when he's hungry or tired, and we respond. I hope we can keep it up as he grows!

*Credit for the Alex photo goes to Calder; he did everything from dressing him in shades to taking the shot! 

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