Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving in color.

This post barely happened. My camera's out of batteries and I think my rechargable batteries are too old to hold a good charge. Anyway, I forced the camera to stay awake for the minute required to download my pics. So here it goes:

First there was the sunset that welcomed me home. So lovely:

Then, there were the silly errands we had to run on Friday:

And this is how the cats get their drink on at our house:

Oh, and knitting... there's a small story to go along with my Thanksgiving knitting. I started this pair of Falling Leaves socks the week before Thanksgiving:

As I was getting to the heal, I realized that I would need more of the purple yarn. I was SURE that the purple was Jaeger Matchmaker. So I stopped at my local yarn store to pick up more, and to my surprise, the purple shade of Jaeger did not match the purple in my socks. I was so confused that I asked the super nice lady that works there for help (I say "super nice" so that she's not confused with the super grouchy owner of the store). Together we looked through the Jaeger samples, but found nothing that matched the purple yarn I have. Now I'm stumped as to where the yarn came from and what it is. Let the lesson from this story be: SAVE YOUR LABELS UNTIL THE PROJECT'S OVER. So, I'll finish the socks and keep them for myself, but the final length may end just above my ankle.

The purple ones were to be an x-mas present, but alas, since there was no more purple to be found, I bought more sock yarn and started a second pair over break:

I'm in love with the new color scheme and am even more excited to give them as a gift!

The new yarn is Mountain Colors - it's hand-painted yarn from Montana. The colorway is Red Tail Hawk, and it's just perfect for "falling leaves".

Creative food tip of the day: spread crackers with creamy chevre and homemade cranberry sauce. It's a great little snack.

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