Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I wish I had my camera.

~It's snowing in Boston. What started as a cold, hard rain has turned to fluffy snow. It's April people.~

I also had to share this "how to" of the day. It's as if my google home page reads my blog. Scary.

~The snow's now coming down faster than when I started to type this post.~

Have you been keeping up with Brooklyn Twead's sweater project? He's inspiring me to try an aran cardigan. Maybe as a baby knit for one of my prof's babies. Or maybe something with leather elbow pads is more appropriate?

~still. snowing.~

If only I were enjoying this spring day and beautifully sewn lunch bag today.

~I've heard that eskimos have many words for snow. Is whatthef*#k one of them?~

hehe, I'm joking around. I love snow, but sometimes it's just time for spring!

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