Thursday, April 26, 2007

Winter Foliage Hits the Road!

...soon, very soon!

I don't have much to report knitting wise. I haven't even had a chance to brouse the crafty sites lately. So I thought I'd spruce up the site with a new header. That's right, this summer is going to be full of fun on the road.

First a month back in Philly! It's always great to spend time there. I love the layout of the city, the great restuarants, the new knitting stores popping up here and there, and the new paths for biking and running along the river. It'll be a perfect place to wind down after the crazy end of semester work.

Then, we're off! Heading west on a road trip to Berkeley where I'll spend July and August. I'm sure I'll find some great crafty stores while exploring the bay area.

And through all of this, I'm sure the blog will become a travel-log of crazy adventures!

Travel Quiz ~~ the header picture comes from one of the cities I'll be visiting. Which city? and can you name the artist?!~~

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