Wednesday, October 17, 2007

As promised.

Some pictures from the weekend ~ a mix of life and finished knits! The fall weather provided rain and fog in Boston and Berkeley, but once we got to Tahoe, all was sunny!

Of course the weekend was filled with good food, including this apple & fig crisp. yum. Just take your basic apple crisp recipe and add some quartered figs. You can't go wrong. Serve it with some vanilla ice cream garnished with pomegranate seeds.
Here are some finished knits ~ I've shown you these before, but here are some pictures of foliage and sarcelle in use and the pinwheel sweater in better light and with the ends woven in.

Now, this week will be busy with research. Much research for school, and some for Rhinebeck! I have to make a little list of projects I want to knit and the yarn requirements... fun fun.


the Lady said...

Holy crap,you get up early. I'm going to bed laaate. I heart your Sarcelle.

Nicole said...

where does the child put their head? the pinwheel sweater looks like it has no hole for a head....

it must be the Valley Girl seasonal vibes goin' on...i baked apples this morning right before reading your post the first time.

figs sounds yummy.
now...i'm placing a request for a hearty harvest soup.