Saturday, October 27, 2007


It's been a long week, but I'm finally sharing some of the good stuff last weekend.

First, ~ my Rhinebeck goods::

I had a great time looking at the wide variety of yarns at the festival, but in the end I walked away with some lovely worsted weight tweeds from one vendor. Some Rhinebeck attendees may be shaking their heads in shame, that I could be surrounded by all of that yarn goodness and only buy this, but I'm so excited about this yarn! It's soft, I love the colors (all of her colors were great), and it was such an amazing deal.

I'm going to use the indigo skeins to make a new sweater (more on that later). The greens are going to be used, along with the balls of roving, to make some thrummed mittens.

A little public service announcement about thrummed mittens:: DON'T BUY THE KITS. I know kits are nice, they come with the yarn and the directions, all you have to do is knit. But seriously, why pay over 30 bones for materials that you can pick up for about 8? All you need is about 200 yards of worsted weight yarn, and 1-2 oz of roving (my pattern calls for 1oz, but I've seen some patterns call for 2oz). As for instructions? I know you can find some great info on Hello Yarn, and there's a nice pattern in the Winter '06 Interweave Knits ~ which is the one I'm going to use.

And finally, my sheepish, but non-knitting finds::

Some ceramic buttons for my tilted duster, a mini sheep, and a sheep photo!

We had a great discussion with the photographer of this picture. He's the farmer on the farm where this pic and many others were taken. My friend bought an amazing shot of a rooster crowing for her kitchen. Our friend, the farmer, runs this farm full of animals and veggies and he takes the pictures in his spare time ~ it sounded like the perfect life (don't get me wrong, I know it's full of manure and early mornings), but still, I told him I was envious of all of the photo material right outside his front door!

Now for some knitting::

My tilted duster just needs some sleeves! I'll probably work on the sleeves and my jaywalkers while watching Game 3 tonight.

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emily said...

ooo-- the colours on those socks are loverly--- they match your duster.

pretty yarn from Rhinebeck-- i probably would have done the same thing.