Monday, October 01, 2007


I always feel like October is the epitome of fall. The days are getting shorter, the air is cooler and smells so crisp. And after my initial start to the school year, I hit a slump in my activity level. I think it takes me a few days {weeks} to adjust my schedule and stay motivated to keep working {stay awake} after the sun sets. These shorter days have also limited my picture taking ~ until I get home there's no sun left for some good pictures, and so I leave them for another day, along with all of the items I haven't crossed off my to-do list.

While I've been napping and distracting myself from school work, I made an effort to take more photos over the past week.

Farmers Market::

My bike ride to and from school passes a couple of ponds and one river. Spy Pond and Charles River::

And finally, the baby sweaters are taking a little longer than expected {signs that it's October}::

Here's to a month of apple picking, pumpkin baking, sheep & wool, falling leaves, and crisp air. cheers*

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Anonymous said...

The sweater looks fantastic, thanks. Still knitting wash cloths, a great way to try new patterns...each is different. Lots of cable patterns.
Love, Mom