Friday, November 09, 2007


Finished Knits, Finished Objects, FOs, call them what you like, I'm happy to share two today.

The first is a wee pumpkin hat for an amazing little pumpkin that I'm going to see this weekend. I used some of the same green in the stem that I used in her Sweet Pea Sweater, so they will make a perfect combo ~ if she still fits in the sweater!Pattern:: My own, simple bottom up hat {if you want more details, just let me know!}
Needles:: Size 6, 4mm
Yarn:: Knit Picks Merino Style (my not be washable, but it's squishy and comes in nice oranges and green)

The second is my Tilted Duster! I'm still in my PJs, so I"ll leave the actual model shots until this weekend.Pattern:: Tilted Duster, Fall 07 IK
Size:: Smallest
Needles:: Size 9, 5.5mm (I think it calls for 10)
Yarn:: Berroco Peruvia
Buttons:: Ceramic from Briar Rose
Changes:: I knit the sleeves in the round, I also knit them in the next bigger size because I had heard a few reports of the sleeves running small. Finally, I stopped the skirt just three rows short because I thought it was long enough, and I was excited to finish it!

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the Lady said...

super-cool! i bet you're excite to wear that out!