Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday

We interrupt this knitting to bring you some art and give a Happy Birthday wish to Georgia O'Keefe.

There's a birthday slide show at Slate::

This summer I visited the O'Keefe museum when we stopped in Santa Fe for the day ~ a beautiful place and definitely worth the visit. While there I picked up one of her biographies and read it as we continued on our road trip. Her life is a great story of a passionate artist who painted from her soul and surrounded herself by a landscape that she loved. A good read if you have some time.

If every house had one O'Keefe, would it have a calming effect? Maybe. Hopefully it will also push our creative buttons, get us talking, and make us look closely at the flowers*. happy birthday.

An appropriate painting for this time of year~~Autumn Leaves, Lake George~


the Lady said...

Hey, I went there when I was 15! I still have some postcards I picked up on that trip...

Nicole said...

I absolutely LOVE the book that you brought back for Soph. I've always admired her work but there were periods when I was just scared of the bones....after reading the book: I'm cured. I love her all over again.