Sunday, November 04, 2007

This post ends in a {blur}

This has been a thoroughly relaxing weekend, we started with a late Halloween party on Friday. I don't have any pictures of myself, but here's a sense of the spooky silliness that was had by all::

On Saturday, we only ventured out for bagels, and then spent the rest of the day inside while the storms of Noel attacked. I used the time well to finish up a few knitting projects and start up some new ones. And this, my friends, is the blur of pictures. It's sooo hard to take good knitting pictures with little sunlight, but I'm promising to make more of an effort to take some better pictures over the coming weeks::
~Felted Bowl~ {My own pattern, just think of it as a very simple top-down hat (hint! or as one half of the Christmas balls in the Holiday Knits book, just made a little larger). This one is the perfect size to hold jewelry on your dresser or change on your desk}

~Tilted Duster~{once it's done blocking, I'll sew on the buttons and share the details}

~New Knits~{On the right is the start of a Thrummed Mitten and on the Left is a simple ribbed hat in alpaca, for someone who desires the perfect hat}

After all of that fun, there was nothing to do, but get back to work today. But tonight, there's definitely some time for apple pie and last week's episode of The Office. Cheers

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kim said...

grrreat sweater! and bowl... someday I'll learn how to knit. but i'm pretty sure it won't look that fabulous. lovely work.