Thursday, November 08, 2007

Graviton Warp Drive*

I finished the Tilted Duster, and if the sun cooperates I'll have some pictures to post very soon.

I also finished one of my Thrummed Mittens! I'm really excited about wearing these all winter... ditto on the sun and promise of pictures.

I also placed a Christmas Order to Knitpicks, purchasing lots of yarn for a few projects I hope to finish over the next month. After I placed the order, I was a bit intimidated about the amount of work that might be required to make the gifts happen, but after sleeping on it, I'm sure the gifts will get done with plenty of time to spare {fingers crossed}.

So, while there's plenty of knitting and project planning going on, I have nothing to show you except a little trip back in time with the Graviton Warp Drive*.

A year and a week ago I was in England celebrating a kickass wedding and loving the fields of sheep::

*Graviton Warp Drive: n. What a special someone calls his time machine. Although, I've heard that it only takes one into the future. So, there will be no "swinging by" England to check out last year's sheep on the way to the sun.

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the Lady said...

I like those fleecy sheep!
Congratulations on finishing your Duster - you must be excited!