Saturday, May 10, 2008

Between Seasons

*****We interrupt this blog to wish Miss Sophia a very Happy Birthday! And check back soon when her birthday surprise is revealed*****

******Now back to your regularly scheduled program******
It seems that we are still between seasons here in Boston - two days ago it was a humid 78F, and today it's a breezy 56. It seems that my knitting reflects the weather.

A cowl for today::

Pattern ~ sixoneseven's Dolores Park Cowl
Yarn:: Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande
Needles:: US Size 10

Modifications:: I added embroidery, and the button has a special feature ~ I added an extra loop of yarn so that on chilly days I could wrap it around the button to bunch up the cowl closer to my neck::

And for summer? I'm working on Orangina! For anyone not familiar with this pattern, it's a lacy summer top with a boat neck.

This is really a fun pattern, the pictures aren't great, but I promise some good ones when it's done.

And sometimes I'm still amazed that simple knit-two-together's, yarn-overs, and passing-slipped-stitches over produces such an intricate pattern!::

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the Lady said...

Cute cowl! I like how your incorporated the button into the embroidery design.