Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Directions

I've been thinking about my blog space for a while, and I'd really like to update it. Nothing too fancy, just making my tags more organized which will lead to creating posts from different angles. These are design/structure ideas that are floating around in my mind and are hard to explain, but should make for a better "user experience". But don't get too excited, it's something that I probably won't move on until I have a free Saturday afternoon (preferably a rainy one with a good movie, so I won't feel guilty sitting in front of the computer on a weekend!).

In the mean time, here are some other new directions in my life::

I'm really getting into sewing!

I worked on a secret project for a special birthday girl {to be revealed in about a week}. And, after purchasing a new little computer {another new direction - recognizing that I can't have a windows-free life!}, I made a padded carrying case for the computer::

Pattern ~ Modified version of the Artsy Clutch from Bend the Rules Sewing

Modifications ~ I just measured my computer, add a few inches, cut, and hoped for the best! In the end, the case is just the right size, my computer slides in without trouble, and is as snug as a camper in a down sack.

Instead of using the cotton flannel for the lining, I used an old sweater that I had felted first. This turned out better than I could have expected - it adds just the right amount of padding without being bulky.

And finally - one modification that I didn't make - next time I would make this with two button closures rather than just one because the extra padding doesn't allow the corners to lay nicely.

Other than that, it's a keeper!

And the computer? That's a crazy small Asus eee PC with a 7 inch screen and a steady state hard drive. Not a lot of computing power, but great for traveling light.

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mames said...

i too have joined the sewing world. scary. whole new stash to dream of. can i ask you about tags and posting, if i wanted to start tagging my posts and organizing them on the side bar, how do i do it? hope you do not mind the query, i am a bit slow in the world of blog organization.