Thursday, May 15, 2008

If I twittered...
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If I had a tweeter account, this would be shared:

Think of "chia pet" when you read chia in this post. Standing in line at the coffee shop, the lady behind me orders a "chia" latte. I'm waiting for my coffee wondering what the hell a "chia" latte is and assuming that it must be something new for summer. While pouring milk into my coffee it finally clicks - chai latte. As in the spicy tea. Why didn't I order that? And how did the barrista not laugh?

Now, back to work. And look closely at the graffiti in this picture - "Do Work Boston". Someone is telling the city with the most type A people to get back to work. great.

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the Lady said...

I would've snorted my own "chia" out of my nose.

Hey, you won the book!