Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Short and sweet*

Just a quick sneak peak of another sewing project that I've been working on. C's birthday is the last one of the summer, and he's being treated to new curtains in his van. He has a silver/grey VW Eurovan, and when we say silver/grey; those are the ONLY COLORS in the whole van. So we're spicing it up with this birthday project!

We chose two different batiked(sp?) fabrics for the curtains, one print for the inside and another for the outside (I'll show you the outer fabric when the project's complete).

This was a really easy project. I just sewed new fabric to both sides of the old curtains. We decided to do it this way for a couple of reasons::
~the old curtains were made from a nice heavy material that really blocks the sun or light from street lamps (which is great when camping)
~the inner fabric won't fade (although, yes, the outer fabric will fade)
~we didn't have to mess with the little hooks and the MANY snaps that are already attached to the old curtains (the curtains snap to each other when closed and to the inside walls of the van)
~it made the measuring and sewing of straight lines SO EASY!

The one snag in our plan? There wasn't quite enough of the inner fabric for all of the curtains. So with some planning, measuring, and cutting, I should be able to show you our solution soon...

In the meantime ~ my apartment smells like cinnamon! I used the basic bread dough {from the holy grail of bread books}, rolled it out into a rectangle, smeared on a little bit of cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter. Rolled it up & let it rise in a bread pan and then baked it to make a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread. yum!

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