Thursday, August 07, 2008

On Vacation

I've meant to post, but it's so hard to pull myself away from the screen porch, the sun, and the waves to spend some time at the computer.

We spent a couple of days at my parents' house in PA where the garden is in full bloom::

And now we're enjoying some time in the sun::
(we've taken to photographing the smallest catch of the day)

Before i left, I made one of Soulemama's Gratitude Wraps for my sister with a July birthday. This was the perfect gift for her because she's quite the card writer. She's always sending notes while traveling, so I thought this would be something that she could easily take along for the ride.
More details to come on the wrap and other tails from our travels*


Lonely Paul said...


Nicole said...

I think Lonely Paul may be your "Smallest Catch of The Day!" Strange fella...

Sarah is still my very favorite pen pal... I still fondly recall all the Lisa Frank stationary that I received in college.

Damn she's cute!

mames said...

love the wrap. i am planning on getting that done soon. i like the S and the buttons.

um, total dunce that i am, i forgot to email you my address. i am so sorry. now, to yahoo to remedy that.