Saturday, December 27, 2008

Airport Chronicles

It's 2:32, I'm still hanging out in Terminal D. They've upped the offers for your seat ~ if you give it up, you now get the round-trip ticket, a night in a hotel, and dinner! Any takers?

I've gotten some work done on the sweater, but I'll save an update picture until the progress looks a bit more dramatic. Instead I give you more Christmas gifts::

The brioche scarf {this was a free pattern from Loop in Philadelphia, they don't call it the brioche scarf, but that's what's going on} modeled by Sarah::

Four hats modeled by a crew::
There are two Ingas, a Koolhaas, and a basic stockinette hat {this one was a birthday present}.

And another Thorpe::


sarah said...

I really like the pictures of all the kiddies on the deck in their lovely hats

Nicole said...

but where are the embroidered hankies?????? that's what i want to know..