Sunday, December 14, 2008

Me and My Shadow

This is definitely the season of hats. I haven't had a chance to weave in the many ends on all the hats I've been knitting, but you'll see them soon!

In the meantime, I knit a Thorpe hat for myself {you can find the free pattern on the right side of the Thorpe link}. The pattern calls for bulky weight yarn, but for this hat I used two strands of Lion Brand worsted weight wool held together. It made for just the right gauge, and a comfy hat! I used some green Knit Picks merino for the edges and braids. I think this was my first time finishing a hat with a crochet border. I followed the crocheting instructions in the Happy Hooker book, and it was as easy as could be!

In other awesome wooly news, check out the shirt I'm wearing in that picture. It was a recent gift, and it's a merino wool thermal from Icebreaker. I was looking at the tag to find the washing instructions{before I even realized that it was 100% wool}, and I found the shirt's "BAACODE". Each wool item from Icebreaker comes with a Baacode that you can type in at their website to track exactly where the wool for your product was grown. Click here to learn more and try it for yourself. How great is that?! It's just the beginning of really being able to trace the products we buy. I'm sure everyone has been exposed to the idea of tracing your food, and tracing clothes {particularly those made from natural fibers} is the next logical step. I also love the shirt because it is similar in design to my stenciled shirt.

ps ~ If you happen to win Icebreaker's trip to New Zealand, I make a great traveling partner;-).


mames said...

love thorpe and the icebreaker shirt. we always wore ours when boarding in mammoth, keeps you so warm. and i love the last post to sophia. she looks so cute in her hat.

the Lady said...

Wow,cool shirt, nice hat, you look great, and thanks for the Icebreaker info, I'm so checking it out.

Nicole said...
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Flossie said...

Katie dear,
Flossie here. I sent you an email about your blog pic. Sweetie, WTF is up with the hair????
Hope to see you over the holidays. If not, I'll email you and send pics.
The Mathews Zoo has three cats and one dog. All spoiled of course. Tom is the same. Now has a Solstice GXP and I've gotten more fluffy!!
Just bought some knitting needles off ebay and plan to start anew in the new year. Need the pattern for that snowflake hat. And I want to make some cat snuggle baskets out of eyelash yarn.
Are there any carnivores left in the family? Plan on making Italian if you visit. Shrimp pasta with fresh herbs okay? Have you ever had strufoli? Or maybe almond and ricotta cake? Or both, it's the holidays.
Sarah got back to me and I'm waiting on the rest of you.
Big smootchies and love,

sarah said...

It is 3am and I just read Flossie's post..IM STARVING.
Cant wait until Tuesday :)