Saturday, December 27, 2008

Airport Chronicles

It's going on 15+ hours in the airport, and what have I learned?

Au Bon Pain has a kick-ass collection of soups. I went with the corn chowder for lunch and the mushroom soup for dinner, but it was definitely hard to pass up the pumpkin, veggie chili, and black bean soups.

I know where all of the power outlets are in Terminal D, and I have a few great sleeping locations. If you find yourself in the same situation, just ask and I'll give you the top secret locations.

And my february lady sweater is coming along, slowly, but surely. After I arrive in California, we're taking a road trip to Colorado, so I should have this puppy finished in no time!

So, I'll leave you with these sunset shots as I {hopefully} fly west.


the Lady said...

Damn! Did you get to California yet? Thank god for knitting! I hope you get out soon or are out already!

Nicole said...

Hope this finds you eating crepes or Raman Noodles (or something similarly gourmet)in sunny California.

Don't knit that sweater too too fast. I'll be disappointed if you out knit

kristin said...

all your pictures are totally sweet-i stole one for my background. i hope cali/aspen's treating you well,peace