Sunday, December 07, 2008

The same, but different

After much playing with connections and such, I'm back, and I've realized that I have a back-log of posts to get out, so here we go~

The details of shot cotton::
Can you see the greens and shades of pink/red frayed ends? When I wear this I love the juxtaposition of the sleek scarf with the messy edges.

And, I had to give you a few more pictures from our time on the lake. The "lake" is really two lakes, connected by a little trough just deep enough and wide enough for us to sail or canoe through. On this weekend, the larger lake was completely ice-free while ice was starting to grow in the shady bits of the smaller lake.

And then, there's a picture from C's office on Berkeley's campus. Berkeley in an evening haze::

Something I completely forgot about is how every coffee shop in the bay area has a big bowl of brown sugar sitting out next to the white sugar and honey. This may be something that's common along the West Coast, but I've only noticed it in Berkeley and San Fran, and I have to say that I love it, and I can't believe that I forgot about it. As soon as I got home, I filled up a glass jar with brown sugar and it's stored right next to my coffee beans. At this time of year, my beans of choice are Trade Joe's Wintry Blend {dark roast beans with some cinnamon and peppercorns ~ easy to blend at home, I'm sure, but I like being restrained to only buying it during the winter months, making it more special}.

Now, finally, on to my 'almost hat trick cowl'.
I wanted to learn continental knitting, and I have to say that a cowl in the round is the perfect way to learn. It doesn't have to be perfect, because you don't really see imperfects in something that just slouches around your neck. There's no increasing, decreasing, or yarn overs, so you can just focus on the knitting.

So, why is this an almost hat trick? Well I knit it on the plane ~ I learned continental knitting, while flying across the continent on Jet Blue. not Continental Airlines. Obviously there was a mistake during booking.

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