Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dear Sophia,

Hi! How are you? I know that you can't read yet, but I couldn't figure out how to write in sign language.

Anyway, I wanted to send my love::
Do you see what my love is made of? It's made of something that you love very much. It's made of a red shoelace. The same red shoelace that you used to use to play with your kitten, Molly. I found this very important red shoelace while I was cleaning out a knitting bag.

So I was wondering, did you put it in my bag when I came to visit? Were you hoping that I'd have as much fun with it as you do{did}? Well I tried to use it to play with Maeve's animals::
Yeah, this hodge-podge of characters didn't budge. They just don't have the spring in their step that Molly does.

I could take it to Shamokin with me and use it to play with these cats::
But you've met them before, and if you remember, they spend a lot of their time sleeping. I'm not sure if they'll play with it.

I think it's important that you have it back. When I was talking to your mom the other day, I heard you give a little yell through the phone because Molly was scratching your tootsies. I'm guessing that if you had your trusty red shoelace that wouldn't have happened! So, I'll send my love to you in an envelope, and maybe there will be a Christmas card in there too!

ps ~ I was checking out your mom's pictures, and I have to say that you're looking might fine in your cabled hat and green mittens::

pps ~ I'm taking curling lessons on Saturday, so if you ever have to learn, just ask your deputy doula Kate.

And now for a knitting update! {I'm hiding this at the bottom of the post so that it may be missed by the recipient.} I won't even tell you what it is, I think the picture says enough::But you will get a full update with my modifications in a couple of weeks!


Nicole said...

We just got home from a weekend away and I soooooo want to run upstairs and peal our little girl out of bed so she can read this post!

You rock. You're the bestest, craftiest, sweetest, most thoughtful, stupendous aunt in the whole wide world....which is why your very name is in the running for our very next offspring.

see you this weekend.

Anonymous said...

this was the freaking cutest post I ever read. Hopefully I make it home in time to see Nik and Sophia..
fingers crossed O:)