Friday, March 13, 2009

extreme crafting

After seeing the Purl Bee's rundown of scissors, I thought it was necessary to share my mom's essential pair::

Growing up in this house, you learn quickly that some scissors are only meant for fabric... or stabbing you through the heart.


the Lady said...

Ah ha ha ha ha!

emily said...

my mother threatened to cut off our fingers if she caught us with her sewing/fabric scissors on something other than fabric.

she never would of course, but the threat was scary enough to work!

Anonymous said...

Kathryn Schu!!!!!!!!

sarah said...

mwwwwahahahahaha. Kristin and I counted how all the red handled scissors in the drawer and there is freaking 6!!!
Ps. I think mom is going to kill you for this blog post, even though you didn't use her scissors.

lake girl flossie said...

Bahhahaha..spew...cough....Oh damn...Tom, get me a paper towel. I need to clean my monitor again.
Sarah is correct. Annie will be firing-up the wooden spoon!