Sunday, March 22, 2009

things I'm loving::

This song, found via MightyGirl::ps ~ you know the actress who plays Bones? Well the singer in that video is her sister!

These pictures of tulip fields. Don't they seem like a great template for a simple, modern quilt?

These socks! If I weren't so intimidated by the diameter of my calves, I'd cast on right now. It wasn't until writing that sentence that I realized calf {leg} and calf {cow} are spelled the same. On that note, I was referring to the size of my cows.


mames said...

i love her. she sings at the end of the movie 'dan in real life' and i just want to hug and kiss her, she is soooo cute.

sarah said...

I knew I recognized her! I love Dan in Real Life.