Sunday, March 01, 2009

Two Steps Forward...

...and one step back definitely describes the weather around here. Judging by the state of the Charles{not frozen}, spring is on the way::

BUT bring in some storm clouds,::

and this is what you end up with::

And the phrase works equally well with some of my knitting. Exhibit 1 {Mom's Birthday Socks, October Birthday Socks}::I was almost done, except for the cuffs on each and ran out of yarn! Undeterred, I started digging through my yarn and found some yellow and purple superwash. With the two colors, I thought I'd do something fun and make some striped cuffs, but it was a step in the wrong direction. So my evening project is going to be finishing these up with just a purple cuff, still fun, but not crazy.

And once those are done, I'm casting on another pair of striped jaywalkers!


Nicole said...

Better keep your wool out because I hear that there is a MEGA STORM headed our way tomorrow. Bundle up and don't plan any big road trips. Seems like you might be getting some knitting time in :)

the Lady said...

Snow and socks - perfect - and I love the socks.