Saturday, March 21, 2009


I'm a day late, but Happy Spring! And on that note, it's time for a spring break update. While I didn't visit Brazilians in Minnesota, I did hang out with a monkey and a peacock::

The trip allowed me to deliver some long overdue Christmas gifts, including one of Yarnmonster's "Knitting Sacks"::It was gifted to Nik, and filled with some sock yarn and Addi's to encourage her to take the leap into sock knitting... a week later, and all I have to say is holy socks.

Unfortunately, Schwartz Baby 2 did not arrive while I was there... and there's still no baby {unless something changed in the last 12 hours?}, but there is a baby sweater!::
This is Trellis, but knit on size 5 needles in an attempt to make a baby version. Since this baby's arriving at the beginning of spring, I thought it'd be great to give her a sweater that can be used as a little jacket through her first couple of weeks/months.

My break started with the timely "spring ahead" of the clocks, and I had plenty of time to enjoy the longer days watching the sun set::

And when you turn around, you see the sunset highlighting the topography of the mountains::

Enjoy the first weekend of spring!

*I'm off to buy some buttons for my finished Potato Pancake... details and pictures to follow!


Nicole said...

1. Hello and we miss you already.
2. Still no baby.
3. We're thinking that s/he is waiting for C to come and assemble the tub.
4. The sweater and hat and hoodie= TOTAL AWESOMENESS!
5. Did I mention that we miss you?

sarah said...

have the freaking baby.
I'm sorry that I had to place the word freaking in front of baby, but really..come on now.