Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Taking a little poll, comments welcome

So, behind the scenes I'm doing a fantabulous job of organizing my knitting, cutting down on my stash, etc... and I've come upon a problem.

This sweater::

It's something of my own design, but it's been languishing in my knitting basket for over a year now. At first I was distracted by other projects, but now that I'm coming back to it, I have a feeling that even if it were finished I wouldn't wear it. BUT I love the yarn ~ it's camel!

With such fun yarn, I want to knit something that I will wear. So, check out this link. I was thinking of taking the camel and knitting that pattern.

What do you think? Any other suggestions?

And with the lovely blue yarn, I'll probably make a cozy hat.


Thea said...

I love that cardigan -- am waiting for the perfect yarn and planning one myself. It has potential to be worn a lot - esp in a neutral like the camel yarn - around here - warm, cold, warm, cold....

mames said...

totally knit shalom with the camel. i almost never take mine off when it is cooler.

i see what you mean about the sweater, it is pretty and i love the panel but the blue and camel seem to work against each other.

the Lady said...

What a neat idea for the camel!

Nicole said...

I've been dreaming of wearing that sweater. I love it.

I think the fact that you'll be hanging with my lovely, Jewish homebirth midwife sometime in the next week as a sign from...uh...someone in the Torah that you should totally frog this (otherwise beautiful) sweater and knit the shit out of the shalom, baby!

You could even name the project Potato Pancake :)