Sunday, January 31, 2010

:: vessels ::

Over the past month I acquired some fantastic new vessels*. Some given, some found, and one purchased. Now I'm having fun filling {and emptying} them.

:: The given ::
A cloth sandwich bag sewn by Nik. It makes lunchtime funtime.

Some fantastic pottery made by my sister Kris. So beautiful and useful ~ one's filled with candy, another with jewelry and the third should have a cactus, but I accidentally left that in PA {their native ground}.

:: The found ::

This amazing {and heavy} set of metal office drawers. Found by the dumpster at school ~ imagine how excited I was!
The pictures are a bit dark, but I couldn't wait to photograph it before filling it with goodies.

The drawers don't have a top, but I'm sure my pop can come up with something beautiful and made of wood. Along those lines, this could make a great little work table for some of my crafts ~ keeping the supplies in the drawers. OR We could add a butcher block top for use in the kitchen and the drawers could be filled with spices or utensils. fun fun!For now the unit is under my bed, still giving access to the drawers, but making the lack of top not a big deal.

This next vessel was a surprise from my parents' barn. We don't know how long it was there, but it's been a while. With a little research, we found out that Peacock was a company that shipped fruit {mainly grapes} from California. I've replaced the grapes with yarn {of course}.

:: The purchased ::

I found this lovely little mustard jar in the imported foods section of the grocery store. It's filled with sweet mustard from the Bavaria, Germany. Needless to say, this is the vessel that requires the emptying, but that shouldn't be too hard. I spent a couple of weeks in Bavaria one December, hopping from one Christmas festival to the next. Opening this mustard immediately transported me back to a breakfast we had of white beer and white sausages. yum.

The jar's made of glass and here's a familiar can for perspective.

*I think I'm using this word a bit liberally as none of my vessels are boats, blood vessels, found in xylem, or people, but I do have a bowl or two*


lynn said...

so many fantastic vessels- what a find those drawers were- love your curious cat too!

Seraphina Firenze said...

Hey Sweet Pea,

Love the box, cat, bean bag...on and on. Anyway, watch your mail around about Friday or Saturday. A care package from The Lake House.