Friday, July 02, 2010

Wedding Inspiration Part I

Yellow and Grey.

Yes, I said it, it's throwing some people off, but I think they make an awesome jumping off point for the wedding colors. Especially for an outside wedding, with a background of green (green grass, green leaves, green weeds, green house... and now a green barn!).

That said, they aren't the final colors. C and I are taking a little trip to India this August, so I'm waiting to be inundated with the bright colors and fabrics of India before making my final color decisions. Plus, I'm hoping we'll find some great fabrics there that we'll want to incorporate into the main decorations.

In the meantime, here are some yellow and grey weddings that I find particularly inspiring:
Wedding 1
Wedding 2
Wedding 3
Wedding 4

And if you want to be smothered in all things wedding, I've started a temporary list of wedding links to the left. Speaking of the left, how do you like the new layout? I still have to fix the picture at the top...


the Lady said...

Here is an official vote of confidence for yellow and gray. I love gray with so many colors - red, orange, green - at one time I thought yellow and gray would be really great for my wedding.

Nicole said...

First, I second the Lady! I love it.

Second, can I get married again? (Same husband...just want another wedding).

ImplausibleYarn said...

When you say yellow and gray its not quite as fabulous as when you click on the links. I really liked wedding number two, eco style.

Thea said...

I love yellow and gray together - it's classy and unexpected and at the same time, very down to earth. The flowers are gorgeous. And that last wedding (#4) is my fave - those dresses with the yellow belts and the little girls in their plaid dresses make me want to replan my wedding!