Monday, July 05, 2010

Some wool...

you know, to keep things real.

First ~ Pamela, asked about the pattern for these booties that I made back in October. The pattern is called Saartje's Booties. If you go back my post with the booties, and click on the name of the pattern, a pdf will be downloaded directly to your computer. Hope that helps!

Second ~ (and I'm a little late with this one) Kristi (KnitorDie on Ravelry) owns Eleganza Yarns in Frederick, MD. They offer free classes on Sundays, called Sunday Sojourns, where they pick one pattern and help the attendees work through that pattern together. How awesome is that? I know that knitting is a business for so many, but I love it when a shop offers a free class to teach new knitters, or old knitters, new tricks. I found out about the classes because they used my lamb washcloth pattern last week, double awesome! If you're in the Frederick area, check them out.

And finally, knitting shmitting. On with the crocheting!

I have bits and bobs of yarn that was starting to pile up, and I've been wanting to turn it into an afghan. I started knitting one about a year ago, but it just wasn't inspiring me. THEN I saw this, and I was in heaven.
Lucky for me, I had an old grey poncho; one of my first "real" knitting projects from a pattern... And what a pattern it was. Knit a square, add a simple seam, and bam! you have a poncho. Unfortunately (or fortunately, given your taste in fashion) I never wore it. FORTUNATELY it's so easy to take apart one seam and a rectangle of knitting! It came undone in no time flat and I had the grey I needed for these hexagons! If you're interested in doing this, I have to say, Attic 24's instructions are so simple.

This is my first foray into crocheting a whole project, and I think it's going to turn out much better than the poncho.

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the Lady said...

poncho bad. afghan better. go you.