Sunday, July 18, 2010

one, two... Three Decades!

Well, sorry for the slow down in posting. There's been nothing but fun sprinkled with a touch of work behind the scenes here.

The past week was filled up by a visit by C and the celebration of my birthday!

This was a big birthday, so we spent the weekend indulging and celebrating it to the fullest. A day at the beach, followed by dinner at Oleana. This is the type of place where you want to try everything on the menu. Luckily we went with some close friends, which meant more mouths for sharing and dishes for sampling. We started with their octopus salad {the secret to good octopus is taking the time to make it tender, and theirs definitely was}, worked our way through their menu and ended with their Baked Alaska {a first for me!}. If you'd like to see some of the secrets behind Oleana's food, check out Ana Sortun's cookbook, Spice.

Saturday was celebrated with a very classy gigantic chocolate banana cupcake.

And Sunday we treated ourselves to dinner at Ten Tables in JP. Realizing that our time is almost up in Boston, it was fun to finally visit some of the restaurants that we hadn't made time for before.

Both restaurants rely upon local farms/farmers for their fresh veggies, and they adjust their menus accordingly. From our experience they both had fantastic and really knowledgeable sommeliers/bartenders. At Oleana we took the sommelier's suggestion and had a great bottle of white wine {if only I could remember the name}, and at Ten Tables we both ordered the "Flight of 3" cocktails ~ three cocktails decided upon by the bartender. We considered this "research" for our wedding cocktails!

I'm about halfway through Julia Child's My Life in France, so after all of that reading about her exploration of food, it was really a lot of fun to go out for one delicious and exciting meal after another!

And the grey yarn above? The hexagon afghan is growing::

Unfortunately, I'll run out of grey before it gets to the size I want, so I'm mulling over my options. I think I'll either look for some more grey to match or keep the inner rectangle of hexagons grey and switch to another color for the bordering rows.

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