Friday, July 30, 2010

So, last Friday.

Last Friday involved waking up at 4am, making my way to NYC, and arriving right on time for a very important appointment. After the business was out of the way, I met up with the legal drinking, freckle-faced, blue-eyed Sarah for a day of fun. Have you seen her pictures from Jamaica. wow.

So we ran around the city {literally}, did some shopping, and a bit of eating. We stopped in a bridal shop to sample the bridesmaid's dresses, and I think we found a winner! This picture doesn't do it, or Sarah, justice. We were trying to avoid being "helped", so the picture taking was done under the radar. She looked awesome! And we think it will look great on all of the ladies. The dress is a lovely yellow color, the fabric is cotton {perfect for summer}, and it has pockets!! We haven't made any final decisions, but this one is definitely in the running.

When the sun got too hot, we slipped into the nearest shady side-street for a bit of relief.

For two girls who like their cameras, we spent very little time taking pictures, but by the end of the day I become obsessed with the city's water tanks::

And, the icing on the cake was our 40 block walk/run back to the Indian Visa Office to pick up my passport because C and I are off to India in a couple of weeks!!
To say I'm excited is an understatement. I don't know what's more exciting, shopping in the markets, eating the food, or taking in the culture. While I'm busy frolicking through the streets of Hyderabad, C has a conference to attend. Those mathematicians, they sure pick great locations!

Happy Friday*


ImplausibleYarn said...

Thats actually a bridesmaid dress that bridesmaids could wear again instead of something that will hang in a closet. Its a good choice. India! So lucky!

Seraphina Firenze said...

Oh my goodness Sweet Pea, I love the dress and especially the color. I could see a gray/green plaid sash with this. And doesn't Sweet Pea #4 look great? BTW, I am sending your care package to the Homestead. That way you will have a little less stuff to move.

Nicole said...

I love the dress. I love the fact that it has pockets!

Excited to see your visa in hand too. Yippee!