Tuesday, March 01, 2011

excuse me.

These pictures are sub-par, but I think you'll get the jist. This is what's become of the remaining fabric from the stool project.

I mentioned you'd see it again. I've framed two pieces behind glass and am using them as whiteboards. The one above is in my office. Yes, the fabric's already starting to slump ~ apparently the move from home to the office was not that smooth, but the real problem is that I'm just storing the fabric in the frame until I some idea strikes and it gets put to another use! I had at least two yards, maybe more, left over, so I folded and framed the fabric without cutting it to size and just secured it with the frame - no tape, staples, or anything else. It was a rush job and ended with the slumping, but a quick fix will put everything in order.

For being such a simple project, it really brightens up my office, and will hopefully help me to organize that desk...

I made a smaller version for the craft room. I lucked out, in that this piece was cut off while making the stool, and it just happened to fit the frame perfectly!

Another note on using picture frames for whiteboards - you can use any dry-erase marker and it will wipe right off. This works on both glass and plexi-glass! The smaller frame is glass, but the larger is plexi, and there's no difference between the two.

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lynn said...

Very cool idea!