Monday, March 28, 2011

Just for fun...

The bridesmaids dresses and shoes have arrived! My sisters gave us a little fashion show with the full she-bang. We decided to go with the dress I showed you in this post. I swooned about them then ~ the color, the fabric... and the pockets. I'm still uber jealous that the bridesmaids have pockets!

This was the perfect excuse for all of the girls to buy TOMS. We've each drooled over them from afar, but never took the plunge until now. Why TOMS? Everyone liked their casual look, but we really love their charity work. The girls claim that the wedges are really comfortable, and I think they're better than heels for an outdoor wedding on grass!

And what are the post-wedding plans for these two? They're putting together their audition tape for The Price is Right.

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Nicole said...

All of our dresses are in too! I have 3 beautiful canary dresses hanging in the closet!

Both of the girls are begging to dress up in them.