Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Terrarium Bug!

Yes I've caught it from my sister Kris, who's made a couple of excellent models.

Remember this jar from a thrifting adventure? Well it's finally been put to use:: And sadly, that fern is the same fern from the vessels post. It was thriving in my Boston bathroom, but, like me, it became a bit stressed after moving to four different houses/apts/cabins in as many months. It definitely hasn't received the humidity it needs, but I'm hoping we've fixed that problem with the terrarium set-up.

And do you see that moss? I know I could go outside and pick up some moss, but I thought it would be fun to order the terrarium variety pack from Moss Acres. Because really, who doesn't love to open a box o' moss?! You get a lot of moss in that little box, and next week I'll show you what else I did with it.

Garden Gnome!!!!:: How cute is that little guy? I love garden gnomes, and I sort of want one for the yard. What do you think? Is it too silly? or the right kind of fun?

Rather than walk through each step, I thought it'd be fun to put together a little terrarium diagram:: Got it? Now go out and make yourself a fun little garden. It'll stave off the end-of-winter craziness, particularly for those of us that woke up to an inch of fresh snow this morning. That was one inch too many.


Nicole said...

Ok. Contagious! We're collecting supplies right now. (We already have two gnomes and a toadstool!)

I love garden gnomes. They make me smile. I think you and C should register for a few for your wedding :)

Siga said...

This is so cool! Love your terrarium.

I was just visiting Boston a couple of weeks ago, now my travels took me all the way to the westcoast, but thanks for the offer. I'll keep that in mind for future visits. :)