Monday, May 02, 2011


Say hello to Aidez, a free pattern from Berroco.
I mentioned Aidez about a month ago in this post. At that point I still wasn't so sure about the yarn, but now that it's finished I'm so happy with it! Beyond the color I love everything about the yarn and am so bummed that I don't know who made it or how to get more without going to back Rhinebeck... but now that I've finally used up all of the yarn from my first trip, another visit to the fair may be in order this year!

I knit this all in one piece, eliminating the side, sleeve, collar, and shoulder seams. I know some people like the finishing work, but for me that's one hurdle that I'll do anything to avoid! For knitters who like cables, this sweater has just enough going on to keep you interested without having to constantly review the charts.

Um, what else is there to love about the sweater {while I'm gushing}?
~ the longer body and sleeves
~ the lack of closures
~ the neckline
~ the coziness
~ the joy of quick knits on big needles
~ and the yarn :-)


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lynn said...

Just Beautiful!